Review: Asian Clinic’s L’Oreal Extenzo Rebonding

Every girl has got to have some time to pamper herself every once in a while. And that’s exactly what I did 2 weeks ago 🙂

Last April, I purchased Asian Clinic’s group deal from Groupon for their Rebonding service with hair cut, foot spa, manicure and pedicure services. It was priced at P6,000 but I got it for just roughly P1000. I was reserving to use the coupon for my birthday last May but I soon found out that Asian Clinic is really fully booked and you have to reserve a slot months ahead because they can only accommodate 8 clients per day. Anyway, I also found out that you can only reserve a slot through their website.

Their website is really nice and registering was very easy. After doing so, I proceeded with reserving my slot. I picked June 11th and a 2pm slot.

Asian Clinic is located at the third floor of Goldrich Mansion Bldg, 4658 Cuangco Street Corner South Superhighway. Coming from my office in Shaw Blvd., I just took the MRT and got off Magallanes. Then I took a jeep going to Waltermart and walked all the way to Asian Clinic…which I think was a really bad idea :p I think there’s a jeep that crosses the South Superhighway but I decided to just walk…and its almost 2PM! *bad for the skin!*

After browsing through the net for some reviews about Asian Clinic and judging from the elegant look of their website, I thought that their salon/clinic would look as posh. But I expected too much 😦 Asian Clinic was just a slightly big room on the 3rd Floor of the building. When I got there, about 6 women were already in the middle of their rebonding session. It was a pretty busy day considering that it was a Monday. Anyway, I proceeded to their receptionist and presented my coupon, telling the girl that I have a 2PM appointment. Then she handed me out a client information form which I needed to fill out. It looks like this:

It was like a short survey of your hair history…asking thinks like when was the last time you had your hair treated, if you have allergies to henna, etc. It took me about 5 to 10 minutes to finish. I gave the client information back to the receptionist and she assigned a “Kuya”, named Emerson, to work on my treatment.

Emerson asked several questions about my hair…which I found redundant since those were questions I already answered on their survey. But I guess, he’s just making sure. Then after a little chit-chat he asked to go with an Ate so I could have my hair shampooed and conditioned. That relieved me so much because I was sweating like a pig since I got there! By the way, their air conditioning is really bad. Considering all the blow dryers and the hair irons they’ve been using, plus the hot afternoon sun blazing outside, they should really get a new A/C or get their old one cleaned up or fixed.

After getting my hair refreshed, Kuya Emerson proceeded with applying the rebonding mix on my hair. I was seated near the windows and man, it was hot! Good thing I had a fan with me. This is how the salon looks like from my view at the back, near the windows:

I decided to put away my thoughts of how hot the place was and decided that I should enjoy this. Good thing they’ve got a big LCD TV with movies playing. That got my focus off the heat.

When Kuya Emerson was finished applying the rebonding hair mix, I had to wait for more than 30 minutes to wash it off. And while waiting, I had my foot spa 🙂

Here is the foot spa machine that they used. After which I had my foot scrub and a free massage because I fanned Ate Paul cause he was sweating, too.

And tada! My refreshed feet! I was initially wearing my flat shoes that day and decided to bring some slippers.

After my refreshing foot spa, Kuya Emerson told me to have my hair washed again so he could proceed with the next step: which is ironing.

I’ve had my hair rebonded a couple of years ago and I literally cried when it got ironed. A part of my scalp got burned by the hair iron and I was expecting that it’s going to be like that all over again. But Kuya Emerson proved me wrong! He was really good and gentle with my hair. He was careful and even if my hair was really thick (Kuya Emerson told me my hair volume was for two people -.-), Kuya ironed small sections of my hair and didn’t rush through it. As he was doing so, I had my mani-pedi done 🙂 It was the ultimate pampering treat! I picked a dark blue (almost black) shade for my toe nails and a bright purple shade for my fingernails.

After my hair got ironed, it was now time for Cellophane. I chose a chocolate brown color for the shade. It was almost 7 o’clock when Kuya Emerson started on the cellophane, and since they’re only until 8PM, he asked one of the ate’s to help him. I had to wait for another 30 minutes to set the cellophane on my hair then after which it was washed off and blow dried.

Part of the package that I got was a haircut but I guess I expected too much again. I was expecting that they would style my hair…but Kuya Emerson just trimmed it…well, I have no problem with that. I could have my hair styled some other time.

The whole treatment was finished at almost 8 o’clock and I was their last customer. I was pretty happy with the result. Check it out:

What I like about Asian Clinic’s Rebonding service is that it didn’t make my hair look artificially straightened. It still had that body that makes it look natural.

Did I say that Asian Clinic’s place is hot? Yes, it was hot. So I hope their management better get a new A/C or at least get their old one fixed and cleaned up.

And since I was their last customer, the other rebonding specialists and employees were lounging around. Their “branch manager” gathered them and held an instant meeting right there at the salon – right where I could hear them. Apparently, they know about the A/C problem…so I hope they really get it fixed…and also, they’ve got some clients who complain that they don’t get attended to right away. Well, those people have the right to complain because they’ve set an appointment. And if they booked for a 2pm, that means they have to be attended to at 2pm..not 2:30…not 3pm…but 2pm. They discussed a lot of things during their instant meeting…and I really think that they shouldn’t do that if there is still a customer around. I do agree with some of their points but for professionalism’s sake and to save some brand image, they should air those things out when the customers are out of the salon and happy.

Overall, I would give them a 3.5 rating out of 5. And would I come back? Maybe. If they offer the deal again on Cashcash Pinoy or Beeconomic or Groupon 😀

XOXO, MorenaGirl


10 thoughts on “Review: Asian Clinic’s L’Oreal Extenzo Rebonding

  1. Hello Everyone
    I just want to adviice and warn to all that thinking want to their hair beautiful!! please DONT ever think to go Asian Clinic Salon bec. they are not good enough!! I was there last
    January to do my hair done is called * L’Oreal Extenzo Rebonding + cellophane + haircut*
    First they dont wash my hair before applying rebonding to my hair, after rebonding they iroining my hair.. i told you,,,it was suck because my hair was so smoke like burn and yes its burn my scalp.. And im so worried so iask Kuya Emerson .. if this neccessary that my hair is smoking like burning and emerson answered me yes ! because of iron thing.. while they enjoying burning my hair i cant magine how my hair looks like when im done,, After 2 hours my hair done and in the next day still fine. After 3 days i found out that my inner of my hair was burn and so damn destroy!!! and every time im sweating my hair can even comb because of the burn part of my hair and until now i have too much trouble to comb my hair because they tanggle each other because of a lot of my hair parts was burn!! Oh and about cellophane i choose to have burgandy but can even see on may hair that they put some color ..Now my hair was ruine and destroy!! thanks so much ASIAN CLINIC SALON !! to destroy my hair!!! 😦 ;( ;( ;(

    • Hi mary! I’m sorry to hear about your experience. I suggest you go back to their salon and have your hair fixed or demand a refund. I had my rebonding done two years ago and their service was quite good during that time…maybe they got too confident 😦

  2. Hi! Just had my extenso “loreal” rebond (daw) at asian clinic. Same place to where the blogger had her hair done. First sight of the place gave me a second thought, it looked like an abandoned bldg. still i proceeded since i already purchased their promo at ensogo. 1499.00 for extenso loreal rebond, foot spa, ped and manicure and cellophane. In the promo, it was written that it will take 5-6hrs for the entire package to be done, to my surprise, i had it done within 3hrs. This is how the procedure went: 1. They didnt wet my hair anymore, they directly applied the so-called “loreal” product they used for rebonding (the smell was similar to those used by ordinary salons (ordinaryong amoy ng pangkulot sa mga salon sa palengke). It stayed on my hair for about 30-45 mins, the stylist (senior stylist daw) didn’t even check if my hair was already ok for the next step (unlike those done on hi-standard salons that ive been thru like basement salon near shagrila-the best salon for rebonding so far). 2. The stylist ordered her assistant to shampoo my hair, then the stylist herself blowdried my hair. On that same time, a new customer went in to avail the promo, the stylist doing my hair was also the one who entertained and did the new customer’s hair. She divided her time doing that of the new customer and mine. Because of that, the quality of service was sacrificed. 3. When my hair was dried, she ironed my hair, take note my hair’s length is up to my waist but it only took her for about 30mins to finish the ironing. During the procedure, i can hear the crackling sound on my hair, and i saw how thick each part of my hair that she ironed (hindi pulido ang pagplaplantsa), while she was ironing, she was also checkin the hair of the new customer. 4. She let my hair rest for sometime, letting it cool, then she applied a solution on my hair ( mixture of the neutralizer- the one that will coat each strand of hair after the ironing and the cellophane reagent (dont know how they call it). She let it stand for 20mins then rinsed it off and shampooed my hair. I didnt even avail of the foot spa, ped and mani for them ti just focus on my hair, but to no avail. 5. She blowdried again my hair, then pressed my hair with an iron for a very short time,. Looking from the outside, really looked great, but when i checked the inside, i saw the ugly part. Uglier than before i had my hair done, dry dead-like hair near the scalp. So disappointing, right there and then, i told the stylist that she didnt iron it well or maybe she didnt apply enough rebonding solution on that part, i didnt know why it turned that way but it was very disappointing. I let her iron that part again, nothing happened. After 3days, i washed my hair, there came the outcome, tips of my hair turned deadlike hair, the effect of the cellophane wear off that easily coz the shine was no longer there, my hair looked “buhaghag”. It was all a mess! I couldn’t accept it so i returned to their salon and told them to repair the damage. The stylist who did my hair said that it’s normal that it will turn out that way since my hair was already ruined from the start. I protested, letting the other customer in their salon that time hear how frustrated i was, showing them the end result after the 3 days. The stylist, after arguing with her, and her to me, she decided to have my hair treated, saying it was a loreal product, again. The solution was very cold on my scalp.. I just dont know what kind of treatment it was. For the result, i still couldn’t say coz im undergoing the treatment just now. Hope it will not make the problem worst, but rather lessen it. The stylist who did my hair is a woman with a colored hair and the hairlength is above the shoulder.


    • hi samanta! i’m so sorry to hear about your experience 😦 just like what i said to mary in her comments, i had my treatment done i think 3 years ago. services of hair salons could only go from better to worse…and based on your current experience, i think asian clinic’s services got worse. if i may ask, how many people did they have working in the salon during that time you had your treatment? maybe we should also report this to ensogo and tell them how bad the service is..?

  3. Hi I saw their promo sa ensogo for hair color plus hair treatment for only 700+ ask ko lng mga sis kung may experience b kau regarding sa hair color nila?

    • Hi Kat! I only had their cellophane treatment when I had my rebonding done a couple of years ago. I suggest you look out for more current reviews of Asian Clinic because I have some readers who got very disappointed with their service 😦

  4. It was a good thing I found this blog. I already bought the voucher before I thought of looking for a review about their services. Quite a bad move. Unfortunately, I can’t get my money back since I’m done paying the voucher. But anyway, reading your review including the rest of the comments gave me idea of what I will be expecting when I get there. I’ll pay attention to the services they will be catering to me, esp the rebonding. Will be giving feedback when I’m done with mine.

    • hi there anne! thanks for dropping by. when you get to asian clinic, just take note of all the things/procedures they will apply on your hair. my suggestion is to be vocal if you’re not satisfied with what they’re doing. and do let me know if they fixed their airconditioning already. it really sucks >_<

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