July and August Beauty Hauls

Last July and August was, I think, my stress shopping months. And instead of shopping for shoes, clothes or bags, I usually shop for makeup and beauty products. So here’s a list of my top buys for the past two months and a brief review of them.

1. Skin Cravings Scrub Me Pretty (Strawberry Yoghurt)

I bought this during a grocery shopping trip in Shopwise. They had it at 50% off (it was originally priced at almost P280 each) and I had been eyeing this product way before because of its cute packaging and I also got curious. Anyway, I tried it for a couple of times already and I LOVE IT! It really smells like strawberry flavored yoghurt and I like the soft feeling it gives my skin after using it. What’s nice about this product is that you don’t even have to use body lotion anymore. It moisturizes the skin really well.

2. Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation (Oriental Shade)


I bought this at Shopwise together with the Skin Cravings Body Scrub. I also just got curious because a friend of mine told me that this foundation is good for everyday use. It’s matte and light on the skin. It blends well even if you use your fingers or a foundation brush to apply. I use about two to three pumps of foundation and it’s enough to cover the whole face and the neck. It smells great too, something like coco butter. And I think one of the things that I like about it is the price. It only costs around P130! I’m just a little bit worried that it comes in a glass bottle. Although the glass is a bit thick, I’m just worried that it might break.

3. IN2IT Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Very Black and Khaki


IN2IT’s Waterproof Gel Eyeliner is my favorite! I usually buy the Dark Brown shade because it’s not that intense and great for everyday use. This time, I bought their limited edition 2-pencil pack in Khaki and Very Black. I bought it for P499 and I think that it’s a good price to pay for a great eyeliner. The pencil glides smoothly on the skin then the product dries after a minute. I really like it because it doesn’t give me raccoon eyes after a whole day of wearing it. As you can see on the swatches above, the Khaki shade is a bit greenish. It’s great for a natural makeup look because it gives your eyes that little something extra for more drama. The Very Black shade is also nice because it’s very pigmented.

4. ELF Mineral Infused Face Primer

This is the first time that I bought a face primer. I usually just apply moisturizer on my face before putting on foundation. But after trying this product, I realized that I should’ve tried it way before! I bought this at SM Makati’s Cosmetics Section for P399.75 and I think that it’s a good buy. This particular primer is clear in color and you only need a pea-size to cover the whole face. It gives your skin that smooth and satin finish, which makes foundation application a lot easier. It gives off that nice matte finish, too. The only downside to this primer is the bottle itself because it’s hard to pump out the product. I had to open the bottle for the first time to get out some of the primer. But after two to three uses, I was able to easily get the primer out through the pump.

5. Etude House’s Ms. Tangerine Brightening Cotton Primer

I got this at Etude House’s 30% Off Sale last July. This Brightening Cotton Primer works as a toner and moisturizer at the same time! I like this product because it saves me some time in the morning whenever I do my makeup. Instead of applying toner and moisturizer separately, I just use this product. It’s amazing! I also like that it smells nice and fresh, more on the citrusy scent. What’s also nice about this is that it comes with a pair of plastic tweezers which you can use to get a piece of the cotton primer out. It helps make sure that the other cotton primers won’t get contaminated.

6. Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV


This is the best purchase I made ever! Urban Decay is a US brand that’s not really available here in the Philippines. I bought this online at E-Bazaar USA for P2580 which is a very good price already. What’s so nice about this product is basically everything! It has 16 eyeshadow shades that’s really gorgeous! I’ve tried two shades so far and I love that it’s really pigmented. Plus, it has the most talked about Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Travel Size (which I already tried and really loved! It helps the eyeshadow stay on your eyes for hours and helps prevent creasing), Urban Decay’s Supercurl Curling Mascara in Travel Size, too (which I also tried and loved! I like the shape of its wand which makes application easy), a full size 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (I tried this as well and I like the precise lines that it makes), and a cute speaker key-chain which you can attach to your phone. The Book of Shadows IV also has a card with printed QR codes on it which you can scan on your smartphone so you can watch 5 makeup tutorials inspired by this product.

What do you think, guys? Have you tried any of these products?