I’m so excited!!!!

Just read a post from my MyLittleBeatyStash that beauty boxes are now available in the Philippines!

I learned about these beauty boxes when Michelle Phan and her friends launched MyGlam (which is now IPSY). I did sign up for it but got frustrated that it’s only available in the US. Ever since, I’ve always been on the lookout for beauty boxes that can ship in the Philippines…and now…tada! There’s GLAMOURBOX!

Glamourbox, co-founded by former Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2006 Lia Andrea Ramos, is a subscription service for beauty enthusiasts. It allows subscribers, for a minimal fee of P595/month, to grab hold of 5 deluxe samples of beauty products delivered to their doorsteps every month. The site also allows subscribers to share their reviews and thoughts about those products and buy the full size product on their online boutique. They’ve got two subscription plans to choose from so that subscribers get more option.

Anyway, I signed up for it already but I heard that it’ll officially launch on October 3. I’m so excited! I hope you girls are too!



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