Nail Art Time: Happy New Year!

Hello world!

Happy New Year! I hope you guys had a blast in celebrating with your loved ones. Anyway, I AM MORENA is kicking off the year with my first ever nail art tutorial. Enjoy!

2013 is going to be a big year! That got me inspired to create this nail art design that uses strong yet festive colors perfect to welcome a bright and new year.

For the materials, you will need the following:

1. Red Nail Polish
2. Silver Nail Polish
3. Black Nail Polish
4. Dotting Tool
5. Orange stick with cotton tip
6. Nail Polish Remover
7. Nail File
8. Clear Nail Polish or Top Coat

Here are the steps to create this fun nail art design:

1. File your nails to achieve the shape that you want. Apply two coats of red nail polish. Wait for a couple of minutes to allow the polish to dry.

2. Dab your dotting tool on silver nail polish and apply big dots on the bottom corner of your nails.

3. Using the smaller side of the dotting tool, dab it on silver polish and apply small dots around the big dots.

4. Sweep a coat of black nail polish diagonally on top of the nail. Wipe off the excess nail polish by using an orange stick dipped on nail polish remover. Wait for a couple of minutes to allow the polish to dry then apply a clear nail polish or top coat to seal your design.

And that’s it! It took me around 30 minutes to finish this nail art design on both hands. And kudos to the set of nail polishes that I used because it’s quick dry, making the design application quite easier 🙂

What about you? Are you sporting some nail art this new year? Share in the comments below 🙂

Morena Girl