Real Beauty Sketches

I came across this ad from Dove while watching Youtube. I used to just skip ads but this particular video intrigued me. And I really like it because it tackles one of the things that this blog aims to promote – real beauty.

Please do watch it and I hope that you will be inspired and all the more accepting of the Real Beauty that each of us all have 🙂

Summer Must Haves <3


Hi everyone! I just came back from a short vacation to celebrate my mom and sister’s birthday in Puerto Galera. It’s my second time to visit the place and I must say that it’s really worth visiting again. There’s so much more to it than the most-of-the-time-overpopulated White Beach. Our trip was filled with so much fun as we explored the different beaches and went snorkeling. Summer is definitely more fun here in the Philippines! :p

Anyway, just in time for summer, I would like to share with you some of my summer bag essentials that I brought with me during the trip. Being morena doesn’t really spare me from the harsh effects of the sun that’s why I think that it is important to bring along some skin essentials to keep me protected.


1. After Sun Gel

I really like this After Sun Gel from Hawaiian Tropic. I got this from The Beauty Bar last December because my husband needed relief from the sunburn that he got from our Tagaytay trip. I apply this as soon as my skin starts feeling hot after some extreme sun exposure. I really like the cooling sensation that it leaves my skin. I just don’t like the sticky feeling after.

2. Baby Wipes

Hmmm…it’s like carrying a portable cold towel with you. So make sure to keep this in your summer bag stash.

3. Johnson’s Baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion

This product works wonders! And what I also like about this is that it’s gentle formula allows you to apply it on your face. It has SPF30/PA++ protection to keep your face protected from the sun. And if you plan to take pictures when you hit the pool/beach, just make sure to apply this at least an hour before cause it leaves a weird white residue on your face when it gets wet.

4. Lip Balm

I think it’s important to bring along lip balms even if you’re going to the beach. This helps protect your lips from windburn or from the extreme heat. It also helps keep your lips hydrated and moisturized.

5. Mist Spray

I bought this Evian Mist Spray a couple of weeks ago in my desperate desire to stay fresh in the super hot and humid summer weather of Manila. It was a bit pricey but I think it was a good buy because it does freshen up your face without that greasy feeling after.

6. BB Cream with SPF30 protection

This particular BB cream that I bought from Etude House a couple of months ago works wonders in protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. I really like this BB cream because it also doubles up as a foundation. It blends well on my skin tone and it doesn’t leave my face looking too white.

7. Sunblock

Never leave home without it. Never hit the beach/pool without it.

Have you had your summer getaway just recently? What skin care products did you bring along? Share in the comments section below 🙂