Taking Pro Makeup Classes by The Makeup Artistry

A few years ago, I caught myself searching for makeup tutorials on the internet. Ever since then, I have always been fascinated by its art and by its practicality. It has this therapeutic effect on me that I get relaxed when I apply makeup, watch tutorials online, and shop for it. I have also encountered people who have given me compliments about my makeup and they even ask me for tips and some how-to’s. And then it hit me. Maybe I can make a career out of this.

So after that realization, I would always volunteer to do the makeup of my mom, my sister, my aunts and my cousins when certain special occasions arise. But it wasn’t really as easy as doing makeup on myself. I learned along the way that it’s very difficult to actually put makeup on another person. So, I thought, if I really want to make a career out of makeup artistry, I really have to take a professional class.

But darn! Professional Makeup Classes are really expensive! Workshop fees depend on so many things like if the makeup and the tools are included, if a model is provided for  and if a professional photographer would be there to take pictures of your work for building your portfolio. I thought to myself that being a makeup artist is really an investment. But good thing I came across a group deal online (yay!). I got a 20-hour Professional Makeup Course by The Makeup Artistry at 75% off! Of course, I did some research about the school and finally clicked “buy”. The reviews were actually good and I thought that maybe this could be a good start for professional makeup training.

The classes where held at the Studio SNR in Ortigas. Ms. V and Mr. John were the instructors and the class setup was really nice although I think the class size was too big. But that was okay since it made the class a bit more fun ^_^. The Workshop fee that I paid for included handouts, some snacks, and some freebies like an 88-Neutral Shades Eyeshadow palette which I think is so nice! Although the fee doesn’t include a model and a professional photographer, the deal was actually way more than good enough.

Anyway, here are the photos of my work:


A Fresh Everyday Makeup Look
Model: Tintin Arcenal


A much more dramatic makeup look for night time
Model: Tintin Arcenal


Barely there makeup look for men (especially for a wedding)
Model: Aaron Munsod


Natural Glow Makeup Look for Brides/Weddings
Model: Liza Munsod


Just Black.
Model: Adele


A Play on Color
Model: Adele


Three Shades of High Fashion
Model: LA Madayag


Experimental. Colorful. Artistic. Fun.
Model: LA Madayag

I think I really need to practice more and maybe look for a professional photographer to take photos of my work. But overall, I’m quite happy with how everything turned out ^_^

What do guys think? Any tips for a budding makeup artist like me? Share in the comments section below.

41 thoughts on “Taking Pro Makeup Classes by The Makeup Artistry

    • hi there! thanks for dropping by ^_^ yup may certificate after. the whole course was 20 hours long, divided into 4 days 🙂 i think they have another schedule coming up this september 🙂

  1. hello IAMMORENA! 🙂 I am also seriously considering taking (another) make up course. i have a few questions about the class you took. i would really appreciate it if we could correspond thru email. 🙂 thank you!

  2. hi.. im thinking of taking up make up class but still hesitant coz i dont have any make up kit at all.. is make up and brushes available during class?

    • hi there mina! makeup is provided for in the class ^_^ but you need to have your own makeup brushes, for hygienic reasons.

      the good thing about the package that I got from The Makeup Artistry is that they offered a package that allows you to choose a freebie: an 88-neutral shade eyeshadow palette or a set of makeup brushes. so that’s a good start already if you want to build your own kit.

      But It really depends on what makeup school you’re getting. some provide the makeup and the tools. I guess you just have to ask if they’re included ^_^

  3. im considering the make up artistry in ortigas.. like yours, it’s 2499 for 20 hrs divided into 4 class.. 5 hrs each.. they also have a promo worth 3499 w/ free palette or make up brush. i know nothing bout brushes. you think i should get the one w/ free brushes. i have no idea bout the price of brush in the market and i will love to hear ur opinioon.. thx so much for rplying.. much appreciated!!!

    • hi mina! i think you should get the one with the free brushes since makeup is provided for in the lessons. makeup brushes are quite expensive…a 7-piece starter kit could cost you from P1300 to P1500…the palettes cost only around 800 to 900. I recommend you check out SUESH in Greenhills or in Megamall if you want to canvass the prices of brushes and palettes ^_^

      • wow thnx.. i’ll check it out. there’s a lot of brushes on sale 24 pcs for only p900 but im afraid its a bad quality tho.. my friend said i should invest on a good brand, she said quality brushes have better finish than cheaper brands.. real techniques, mac and sigma.. u know those brands??

      • 24pcs for P900? hmm…i suggest you don’t go for the bait 😛 i agree that the quality might not be good. it’s really important to invest on brushes because good ones have good application “prowess” and the hairs are really soft but durable. MAC brushes are very expensive but they’re good. Sigma and Real Techniques are also nice brands. If you want to try Real Techniques, KALM Cosmetics sell them online ^_^ I think they’re cheaper than the ones in the malls.

  4. thnx for being helpful.. bdw, you know the props tools and cosmetic boutique? have you heard that? i saw their fb acct.. they sell all make up tools from brushes to airbrush.. even chairs..

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