Sweet and Romantic Makeup Look

Valentines is just around the corner and a lot of people seem to be preparing a lot for it. My husband and I don’t really celebrate it because we believe that having a romantic date can be done anytime of the year and we don’t want to add to the traffic and the crowd in the metro during V-day. Imagine yourself all dressed up and made up and you’re stuck in traffic! Next thing you know, romantic turns into traffic rage :p

But of course since I like to play with makeup, I decided to create a sweet and romantic look that can be worn for a date or an intimate party.

First, you need to prep your face. Make sure that your face is cleansed and moisturized before putting on any makeup product. Since you’ll be going out, you want to make sure that your makeup will stay on for long so make sure to put on a face primer before you put on foundation. You can read about my current foundation routine here.

After your foundation routine, groom your eyebrows. This will help frame your eyes better and will give your face that clean and polished look. Then, moving on to the eyes, start off by dabbing primer on your eyelids. This will help the eyeshadow stick better and prevent creasing. What I currently use is Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. Then, get a white cream eyeshadow, like Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, and apply it on your lids. This will help intensify the eyeshadow colors that we will be using.


For the eyes, I will be using IN2IT’s Eye Color Palette in Sorbet Deluxe. Start off by dabbing the medium beige eyeshadow color on your lid up until your crease line using a medium eyeshadow brush.


Then using a clean bullet brush, apply the purplish shade on the outer-v of your lids. Blend the eyeshadow well and make sure that there are no harsh edges.


Intensify your eye makeup with a dark brown color. Apply this on the outer corner of your eye and on the outer side of your crease line. Make sure to blend!


Add a little highlight to your eyes by dabbing the pink champagne shade on the center of your lids and on your brow bone.


Then, define your eyes by lining it with a dark brown gel liner. Create a small wing on the side to make the look a bit more sophisticated but not overly done.


Curl your lashes then apply mascara. You can also put on false eyelashes if you want.

For the lips, apply a lip liner first that is closest to your natural lip shade. Then swipe on a pink matte lipstick. What I used here is NYX’s Matte Lipstick in Angel.


Sweep some blush on your cheeks and you’re all done.


That’s it, ladies! Hope all of you will have the sweetest celebration of love this month!


And just because February is the sweetest month of the year, I’m giving away some of the products that I used in this tutorial plus some other goodies 🙂 Yay! Check out my Sweet February Giveaway here.

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