Morenas Can Rock Pink


Just got my nails pampered today 🙂 I was a bit hesitant to choose a coral pink nail polish because it tends to make my skin look darker or grayish. But this particular shade shade from OPI totally matches my morena skin. The picture above is a bit washed out (sorry about that) but I think the reason why this particular pink shade works is that because it has a bit of an orange undertone to it.

EOTD: Summer Inspired

It is finally summer (well, here in the Philippines). And man! The temperature here in Manila is so HOT! Wearing black in this kind of weather feels like you’re being baked in a hot oven! That’s why I came up with this EOTD 🙂 Summer is the perfect time to play up on colors and for this look, I finally used the L’Oreal eyeshadow pallete which I purchased recently. I didn’t pack in too much eyeshadow to keep my eye makeup look casual – just enough for that summery pop of color. To define my eyes, I added a thin stroke of dark brown gel liner 🙂 So, what do you think? 🙂


Brow Shaping 101


1) Outline the bottom with eyebrow pencil. 2) Outline the top. 3) Fill in leaving a little bit blank. 4) Using an angled brush fill in with brown eyeshadow. 5) Remove excess of product on your brush and brushing upwards gently fill in the blank spot for a “natural look” 6) Using a concealer brush clean the edges with a little bit of concealer. 7) Blend in the concealer and you’re done! (Taken with Instagram)

Totally helpful!!!

My Sister’s FOTD

My Sister is Anne Curtis

Yes. My sister is Anne…for a night, that is 😜 My sister wore this look for my cousin’s Oscars themed debut party.

I’m excited to share this makeup look to everyone because I think this is the first time I was able to pull off a celebrity makeup look by just looking at a reference photo. I’m a makeup video tutorial addict and I’m used to learning things step by step and this is actually a big breakthrough for me (hehehe)

Anyway, for this look, it’s all about the RED LIPS 🙂 So everything else on her face needed to be kept simple and not overwhelming. I hope you all liked it 🙂